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Life Coaching with Renowned NLP Practitioner & Fire Walk Instructor Dennis Carroll

Life Coach West Chester PA

Do you often feel like you are standing in your own way, seemingly sabotaging your own success when it comes to sticking to your fitness program?

Do you feel stuck? Are you frustrated with life? Depressed? Anxious? Feel lost and alone? Perhaps you are feeling unfulfilled or life just seems like a struggle to you. Maybe you have been trying to lose weight for years and you just can’t seem to take it off no matter how hard you try. We have GOOD NEWS for you! Premier now offers Nuero Linguistic Programming based Life Coaching. This powerful technology allows people to make amazing changes within a very short period of time.


The answer to this question really depends on the coach you choose and the outcome you desire.

Let me explain:

There are many good life coaches. And many in this area(Greater Phila).

So how do you choose the right one for you? You must understand the differences in the coaches strategy to decide what is right for you.

Most coaches use a strategy of goal setting and accountability in an effort to move their clients forward. They have an ongoing, unending interaction (for which they charge you money), month after month. This strategy MIGHT be effective for some people. Yet there are significant challenges with this approach too. Many people continue to struggle with this approach and never achieve their outcome while continuing to pay for the coaching.

My program lasts only 8 sessions and is designed so that you do not need to continue coaching (you can choose to continue if you want). At the completion of my program, you are left in a place of “Personal Empowerment”.

Why do other Life Coaches come to us for coaching?

The Premier Approach

As an NLP Life Coach, my programs are only 8 weeks in duration.
The results are dramatic improvement in:
  • Self Esteem
  • Confidence
  • Feelings of fulfillment and happiness
  • Behaviors that are congruent with your values
  • Reduced or eliminated symptoms of; depression, anxiety, stress,
    worry, anger, regret
  • Weight loss / get in shape
  • Most go on to make more money than ever before
  • Many get into fulfilling romantic relationships and marriage
  • Some end dysfunctional relationships they felt stuck in for too long

The result of my Life Mastery Program is a sustainably high level of happiness and fulfillment, that comes from within, transforming each client into a force for good in their family and society.

Take back your life and call us today. You will be glad you did!
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Life Coach

“Becoming a Life Coach was amazing and empowering. Not only did I personally experience tremendous growth, but I also learned a skill set that has set me far apart from my competition.”
-Dennis Carroll

Discover the healthy, happy, good looking person who has always been inside you.