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West Chester Personal Trainer Brian Pizzini


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While attending West Chester University as a Kinesiology student and learning more about how the body works I started to become much more serious about my own physical training. It became a wonderful, healthy hobby and it was an awesome feeling for my self esteem when people around me to notice my results. Soon after that, some friends and family started asking me for tips and advice to help them learn about how to improve their bodies in the same way. This really gave me a sense of purpose that I had not felt before. I decided that being a personal fitness trainer was my calling. In addition to my education at WCU I became nationally certified as an AAAI/ISMA personal trainer. I also am FMS certified.

Years of experience mixed with continued learning has enabled me to help hundreds of clients achieve success with their fitness goals. The key is consistency. If you can make the commitment to start, and be consistent with your efforts, you can and will succeed. We will be here to help hold you accountable!

Many of us have limitations and it is our job to help you find a way to achieve your fitness goals regardless of whatever they may be. We specialize in helping people overcome these challenges. Premier clients often come in on referrals from doctors of physical therapy. We are asked to help their patients continue strengthening exercises after receiving treatment for pain and injury.

Premier Personal Training is a completely private training studio and as the General Manager it is my job to make sure you are provided with the best service possible. If there is any specific request you may have, we will do our absolute best to accommodate you.

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I am a West Chester university graduate and Masters Student in Sport and Exercise Physiology. My philosophy is a small step in the right direction to improve your health is better than no steps at all. Sometimes the biggest changes in your health are due to these small beginnings. That’s why training with me, we will assess how to make those small lifestyle changes to give you your maximum results.

I specialize in muscle building, rehabilitation, improving sports performance and weight loss. So if you are looking for a highly specialized trainer to help you in your fitness journey lets work together today!

sumire clevenger personal trainer

Sumire Clevenger

My name is Sumire Clevenger and I have been a professional trainer since 2017. I have my degree in Kinesiology from Penn State and am certified through the American College of Sports Medicine. I have been an athlete all my life which got me into fitness in the first place. Throughout the years I have worked with a variety of clients including young athletes, teens, senior citizens, people with Autism, and more. I compete in powerlifting and study bodybuilding which has taught me proper function when it comes to human body mechanics. I am currently studying corrective exercise and applying its principles daily. My current mission is to use these principles to help clients get relief from chronic pain, prevent injuries, and change lives in a positive way!

Evan Cerbus - West Chester, PA Personal Trainer

Evan Cerbus

I am currently a West Chester University Exercise Science undergraduate. Over the pandemic I made a change in my life and started resistance training and running consistently each week. After seeing results, I quickly realized I had a passion for Exercise Science and wanted to help others achieve similar goals. I obtained my NASM certification a year later and am now ready to help others.

I am here to assist you in whatever fitness goals you have. I will be here to keep you accountable and help you make changes needed so you can achieve whatever goals you may have. Everyone’s fitness journey starts somewhere so let’s take that first step and start working together.

John Rapchinski Personal Trainer West Chester PA

John Rapchinski

I am a graduate of Fusion Global Academy and an ISSA certified Personal Trainer. When I began working out in the gym and eating properly it drove me to overcome many mental and physical challenges I had been dealing with previously. I fell in love with fitness and decided I wanted to dedicate my time and passion to help others look and feel better!

I have experienced and overcome physical and mental health issues. If you feel like something is weighing you down and stopping you from being in better health, I am here and ready to help you take on these challenges!