Brian Pizzini

While attending West Chester University as a Kinesiology student, my initial goal was to become a physical education and health teacher. I was with the YMCA working with teens   for years before becoming more serious about my own training. The physical limitations that exist when training teenagers and my success and joy of training pushed me to the  next level where I wanted to use my knowledge to train the general public.

Now with years of experience mixed with years of personal study after college has helped my clients (as well as myself) achieve fitness success on many levels. I have a national certification from the American Aerobics Association International and International Sports Medicine Association. I also am certified in Functional Movement Screening.

I consider myself an expert with beginner clients that need to start slowly and ease their way into the comfort of working out. Safety is #1 with me. I don’t kick anyone’s butt in the beginning. I truely want you to enjoy exercise, or i know you will not want to keep doing it. This is also why i choose to do my personal training in a private studio, or in the privacy of your own home.

I also have a ton of experience with clients that have had all sorts of past injuries, surgeries, and disease. Almost anyone can exercise and achieve greater levels of fitness, and I will make sure that you do it correctly, and safely!

I can train anyone to achieve any goal. Whether you are already a gym buff or athlete looking for some fresh workout ideas, or if you have never lifted a dumbbell in your life and have no clue what a kettlebell even is.  The most important thing i tell all my clients is CONSISTANCY!  If you are ready to work and fully dedicated to your goals, then I am ready, willing, and waiting to help you get there!

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