About Jon Weinstein

Jonathan’s path towards fitness started back in 2012 after his older brother had to receive lower back surgery. The challenges his brother had to face motivated Jonathan to pursue a career where he would have the ability to help others recover from surgeries, like his brother, injuries, and live a healthy lifestyle by achieving their fitness goals. Jonathan specialize in personal training and physical therapy for clients of  special populations and athletes.  He plans to attend West Chester University in the fall of 2016 to continue his education with a masters in Exercise Science Physiology.

Jonathan’s philosophy is that, if you tirelessly work for something and do a little bit each and every day no matter how small, it will be a step in the right direction. People always focus on the physical aspect of health and fitness because of how the media puts a spotlight on aesthetic beauty. Jonathan’s goal is to help his clients realize that it’s not about the look that determines fitness, it is the work that you put into it.

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